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General FMP Update

It's been a long time since I've posted any news here. Sorry about that.

FMPAnother released a few months ago. We know, now, the two main characters are Tatsuya Ichinose and Adelina Aleksandrovna Kerenskaya. Just call her Lina... Mao is running a PMC (Private Military Company) called DOMS (Dana O'Shee Military Service), of which Lina is a member, and Tatsuya joins. Mao also has a ~10y/o daughter named Clara, who happens to be a talented sniper. Gee, I wonder where she got that from? XD Yes, Kurz is her father, but he's not really in the picture. He and Mao have gotten married and divorced a few times, and right now Kurz is off roaming somewhere.

Honestly, I've owned the book pretty much since release, and I still haven't sat down and read it. I'm really, really bad. I just haven't had the mind to do so. Really, I... I just kinda get bored while reading it, so I put it down, my bookmark gets lost, and then I forget where I am and start all over, continuing to be bored. Oops...

No news on Kaname, or Sousuke, or really anyone except Mao, that tidbit on Kurz, and, well, Ono-D of all people. Ono-D is Tatsuya's homeroom teacher at good ol' Jindai High. He teaches geography. He's married and has kids, though my understanding is they've never outright said who he's married to. If we go by how the original set of novels ended, it would be Kyouko, but situations change, so who knows...

I just received, today, the current and previous issues of Dragon Magazine and Newtype Ace. In the previous DM, I got the alternate cover for the new short story novel, Maji de Abunai Kyuushi ni Issho (of which I wrote up summaries for two of the stories within, and will post later down this entry). In the current issue, I got an awesome clearfile (clear folder) featuring Lina in a santa outfit.

The more interesting stuff came in the NA issues. Each have a chapter of the FMPAnother manga, drawn by Taichi You. I like his character designs, and at first glance, I really liked what I saw, but now that I take a closer look, well... They really could've done better. Backgrounds don't seem to be much of a strong point of his, they're practically non-existent, and while he does use different angles often, he doesn't quite seem to choose the right angles. The feeling is off. Well, I'll do my best to get scans in soon-ish. The magazines are massive (I measured them at 1.5 inches. I was curious. They're HUUUGE!) so getting good scans is going to be difficult. The current issue of NA also came with a Lina clearfile, this one of her in a seeming summer version of the DOMS uniform.

(On a side note, I also got a Kotetsu clearfile, a Barnaby clearfile, and a huge T&B poster *happyhappy* Wasn't expecting those goodies)

The second volume of Another comes out on December 20th. The prologue and some of the first chapter were in the recent issue of DM. Some pictures in that to scan, too. I'll be buying the 2nd volume of Another, and probably the next issue of NA, maybe the AS Chronicle, and after that, I'm, unfortunately, out of the game. I'll still follow the news as best I can, but I won't be picking up anything to get 1st hand info anymore. Gotta save my money for the kid I'm expecting in June. Only reason I'm being selfish right now and getting this stuff is holiday money.

At any rate, I'll do my best to get in scans and maybe translations of the manga. And I'll try to remember to post the news and updates I find here ^^; I didn't mean to forget, just been distracted and thought I had posted here.

For anyone on Tumblr, you can follow my FMP blog there, if so inclined.

Summaries are copy-pasted from other places I posted them. I also read these stories while sick, and the second one especially so, so I missed some chunks from being unable to concentrate. Haven't re-read them yet to pick up what I missed. Still lack of concentration, just other reasons ^^;

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Hand in Hand

New FMP spin-off novel!

There is going to be a new FMP spin-off novel coming out this summer! Gatoh isn't writing it, but he's still got a major hand in it, Ebikawa Kanetake is still doing the mech designs, and Shikidouji is still doing the art.

Speaking of the art, have a look at the characters! If I had to guess, that'd be Sousuke and Kaname's son, and Kurz and Mao's daughter. Mech looks like it could be in the ARX series. I'm really looking forward to this! I don't mind that it's not written by Gatoh, so long as he's the main force behind it, and he is. After this long, he must be burnt out, but still wants to put stuff out. I can respect that, and understand it, the handing off the responsibility of writing. And it'll help get this new author's name out there, too.

...When I rambled on about it to my husband he said (with some contempt, he does not share my love of FMP XD) that they should have given it to me to write. All I could say to that was "BUT I CAN'T WRITE IN JAPANESE. OTHERWISE I WOULD, OH GOD, I WOULD"... I'm not sure how serious he was being. XD


Regardless, I'm looking forward to it! Will be buying several copies, you can be sure of that! XD!
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FMP Anime Petition

Well, it seems like there won't be another season of anime any time soon, but in the video I watched they DID say "If the fans cry out" and so...

Courtesy of selilychidori we have a draft for a petition letter. If anyone is willing to translate it into their language of choice, that would be wonderful, then we can spread the letter around to as many people as possible.

Here's the draft, copy-pasted directly from the AnimeSuki forums:

To all FullMetal Panic Fans
フルメタル•パニック!, Furumetaru Panikku

The following is a collection of signatures around the globe who encourage the animated 'anime' production of Full Metal Panic! written by Shoji Gatou, published by Fujimi Shobo.

Full Metal Panic!? novels that are desired, encouraged, and welcomed in to anime are including but not limited to the following full lenght novels:

Dancing Very Merry Christmas † 踊るベリー・メリー・クリスマス 20 March 2003
Continuing On My Own † つづくオン・マイ・オウン 20 October 2004
Burning One Man Force † 燃えるワン・マン・フォース 20 January 2006
Come Make My Day † つどうメイク・マイ・デイ 20 March 2007
Approaching Nick of Time † せまるニック・オブ・タイム 20 February 2008
Always, Stand by Me: Part 1 † ずっと、スタンド・バイ・ミー 上 17 July 2010
Always, Stand by Me: Part 2 †ずっと、スタンド・バイ・ミー 下 20 August 2010

If you, fan member or anime enthusiast, regardless of race, background, country, age or even status wish for the enjoyment of Full Metal Panic's amazing story come to life in anime, SIGN THIS PETITION NOW!
To all interested, despite the lack of exposure of the story and anime across the globe this is one of the most anticipated animes ever to be embraced.
'Panic' is best known for breath taking realistic action in fantasy military design, long anticipated romance that has been built between characters audiences adore, outragous and unorthidox comedy, unique cast of characters with amazing storylines filled with mystery that draws everyone till the very end.

We the fans, the anime lovers, the enthusiast sign to promote and proove the undying fans around the globe who WANT this to be animated with detail, dedication, and beauty that was delivered to us in last three seasons.

We hope to see more!!
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Colca comics translated by Catags

cataglottisme has been kind enough to do translation of comics drawn by Colca, and allowing me to do typesetting using her translations. ^^ She's translated a few more than I've finished so far, I'll finish up the rest later. For now, you can find them here, and that's where all others will go when I finish them, too.

Here are the ones I've done so far~

Only You
colca,comic,doujin,catags colca,comic,doujin,catags colca,comic,doujin,catags colca,comic,doujin,catags

Edited to Add: Finished the Chocolate Banana ones too~

colca,fmp!,doujin,comic,catags fmp!,colca,doujin,catags
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ZSBM2 Scans

ZSBM2 Scans are complete.

I still have to do a lot of re-drawing, and on the pictures that aren't redrawn, I haven't fixed the levels etc to clean them up. It's time consuming and tedious, and I'm not much of an artist, so it's especially so for me. I lack the kind of patience needed to make them look seamless, as you might well be able to tell from the b&w 2-page spread that I fixed up.

Translations are done and available by MisterV, so please head on over there and enjoy. ^_^ It's an amazing book, packed full of all kinds of emotion.

Chidori Kaname (w/ Tessa)

The General State of Things

So! For those who haven't noticed, MisterV has finished ZSBM1! Aijideru has decided to step aside from ZSBM2 as well, so please look to him for the translations of the final novel. We are going to turn our attention back to side stories. ^^

I have the scans from ZSBM1, and I will still be providing scans from the second book as well. One day I might get around to the cleaning up of the picture of Sousuke and the Laevatein. It's a good bit of work, and I don't have that kind of patience with photoshop, hahah.

And for those who have read ZSBM1, may I direct your attention to this hilariously awesome picture drawn by Mika-Kuruyame (shasta-nocturna on deviantART), that is inspired by Sousuke's last line of dialogue.

I will probably have my copies of ZSBM2 in the next 2 weeks, so expect scans sometime after that. I'm going to be gone this week, visiting family, and I've ordered ACE:R, so I'll probably be silent until those scans get done. ^_^ Enjoy!
Kanashim OTP

Do-It-Yourself Fan Products

To keep it translation-related, I'll just make a quick note here that aijideru has gotten quite a few pages done already, and it's looking good! Also, my copies should arrive by the end of the week, which should help speed things along. Hopefully within the next two weeks, I'll have it all transcribed and transliterated. Will keep everyone posted, of course.

As for the title of this post, my good friend Mika-Kuruyame and I have been making some fan-products of FMP. This isn't me selling anything, this is me sharing. ^^ Mika is the one who drew the picture in my icon, and she also drew this

We printed that picture out on iron-on and made aprons as well as shrinking it down and putting it on bras XD むにゅ(munyu) is a sound effect used for soft things... like groping boobs, hah. Anyways, the image, for anyone who might not recall, is an idea taken from the original manga, I believe volume 4, a color splash at the beginning of Kaname wearing an apron with a chibi-Sousuke clinging on tight printed on it. ^^

Also, for anyone who might want, use the character 業(わざ)'waza' to make the shirt that Sousuke wears in the hot-springs episode. The shirt is a pun because that character means 'work.' He's wearing a 'work shirt!'

Just wanted to share these with everyone. Feel free to use as you wish! ^_^
Kanashim OTP

Comic Mission! Short Story RAW

I haven't translated these yet, I will, but here are the raws for the other two short stories printed in the Comic Mission release of the original manga. "Senjou no Taiyaki-kun" where Sousuke is trying to figure out what to get Tessa as a thank you gift, and "Renai no Shinan wa Shinan Nari!?" where a guy loves Kaname and gets Sousuke to offer to 'train' him so he can confess.

For viewing:
Senjou no Taiyaki-kun
Renai no Shinan wa Shinan Nari!?

For downloading:
Senjou no Taiyaki-kun
Renai no Shinan wa Shinan Nari!?

They are all mostly cleaned up. Not perfect, but as good as I had the patience for, and as much as scanning the book would allow. These are my only copies of these manga, so I won't rip them apart for clean scans. Will have to make do with these. Enjoy! And I'll be sure to update when I have them translated ^^
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Zutto, Stand By Me will be translated by a group I've gathered up. I'd like to note that I am NOT the head translator for this, meaning work will actually get done. I will be secondary translator, working along with aijideru from Jindai-High. My good friend Mika-Kuruyame will be taken under my tutelage for transliterating and transcription. And I KNOW I've got people who will help with the editing.

One of the copies I've ordered is going to be ripped apart for clean, full scans of the images. As soon as the books come in...

I'll do my best to keep everyone posted, and hopefully we'll do this with some semblance of speed. ^^ Since I won't be keeping it up, I imagine we will. XD

I look forward to releasing the translations!!! You guys are all awesome. ^^