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Cinderella Panic!, Arienai Jugyou, doujinshi

First off I want to apologize for not having gotten Cinderella Panic! up sooner after the request. I had gotten it from my friend quite awhile ago (thankfully she still had it), and I kept forgetting to upload it. So, here it is. If there are any problems with that link, please let me know, and I'll try and fix it.

Also, I wanted to share this awesome find. It's a TSR comedy radio show with different villains as teachers at Jindai.
1st Period - Gates
2nd Period - Leonard
3rd Period - Gauron

The_Kumatei over at Jindai has been so kind to work on translating these. The translations are still in need of some editing to sound more natural, but they're there. Well, period 1 and 2, anyways. 3 is still in the works, and I'll post again when that one is translated. Also, a personal friend of mine is going to be working on some art to go with the audios, and we'll be re-doing the video to have the audio along with pictures and subtitles. When that's done (which won't be for awhile) I'll be sure to link that as well.

Full Metal Panic The Second Raid Special Volume Drama CD Impossible Lesson
Lesson 01

Chidori: (narrating) What if we had a teacher with long sideburns.

Chidori: *yawn* Good morning Sousuke.

Sousuke: Hey Chidori.

Kyouko: Good morning Kanachan, Sagara.

Chidori: Ah, Kyouko, you sure seem cheerful.

Kyouko: *hehehee*

Ono-D: *out of breath* Baaaa, that was close.

Chidori: Ah, Ono-D too, good morning.

Ono-D: Wassup, Chidori. Man, I slept in mad late. The drama I recorded yesterday, it was the Police Inspector Totsuyama's "That's It! I see! Special Murder Case: Can you see the Truth in Bravery?" tv series, but suddenly, from the beginning the plane crashlands in the river, and from the window of plane while its engulfed in flames...

Chidori: Is that, a drama?

*bell rings*

Ono-D: ...and he shows up. It was so cool!...

Gates: (singing voice) aaaavemariaaa
*walks in*
Sup, everyone. Take your seats. It's Gates Sensei's~

Ono-D: I was like: nobody wants to see a naked man!...

Gates: Class has started. Are you deaf!?

Ono-D: ...and then I was real worried, and then...

Gates: eeeh, POW!


Ono-D: kyaha
*drops to floor*

Kyouko: Ah! Gates-sensei just shot Ono-D to death!

Sousuke: The center of the forehead from that range; he's a good shot.

Chidori: No, that's not the issue...

Gates: Hey hey hey hey, I said class started, didn't I? How dare you ignore me and start blabbering this early in the morning...
*violently shakes Ono-D*
Eh? Eh? Can you hear me? I said are you listening! Hey!

Kyouko: Shaking him like that is useless, Sensei, 'cause Onodera's dead.

Gates: What's that? Oh, you're right. Who the heck could do such a cruel thing!?

Chidori: You did. You!

Gates: Aaaah, whatever should I do? My adorable dare you, how dare you. I wont forgive this, you villain!

Chidori: And, you're not listening.

Gates: Setting this aside. Open your textbooks...We're starting Biology class.

Chidori: We're starting?

Gates: Lets see...last week it was about...the lazy man's emergency disaster actions, and elevation of the genitals.
Today we'll do the same places. Alright? Because this will definitely show up on the midterms.

Chidori: No, no it won't.

Gates: You've been noisy all day. You aren't falling for me, by any chance, are you?

Chidori: Where'd you get that?

Gates: Isn't of obvious? Because a highschool girl like you normally loves chest hair, clinging tightly to such men.

Chidori: No I don't!

Gates: So you're saying you like butt hair instead?

Chidori: I hate that even more!

Gates: What'd you say, you pervert!

Chidori: Ha, wha? How's that even...?

Gates: Well, anyhow, its classtime. Come come, open your biology textbooks. Today it was from the Taika Era reform up to the Meiji Era western adjustments, right?

Chidori: That's not Biology. I mean, why don't you admit defeat!?

Gates: Eeeeh, page 256, read it well.

Chidori: Just one page?!

Gates: Apart from that, I have an important discussion from me to all of you.

Chidori: Important Discussion?

Kyouko: What is that?

Gates: To be honest, I have to leave this school. Today's my last day.

Class: eeeh!?

Sousuke: Sensei, would you please give us the reason?

Gates: Yeah. It happened this morning....I was riding the train to work, right, n' some punk was sitting in a seat for seniors, but wouldn't give it up for the old lady. I was reeaaally offended...

Chidori: Ah...

Gates: I accidentaly fired my gun.

Chidori: You shot someone again?

Gates: Yeah, the old lady.

Chidori: You shot the lady?!

*police sirens*

Kyouko: Ah, police cars.

Gates: Eh?! They came for me already. The rest of class is "self" study! (remember, he was talking about erections)
Ladies, Gentlemen, farewell.
*runs to the left, laughs*

Chidori: Ah, Sensei, that's the window!

Gates: *breaks through window, lands*

Police Officer: You're under arrest for murder as well as suspected for criminal indecency!

Gates: *runs away*

Police officer: Stop! If you don't, I'll~

Gates: I'll do THIS!
*fires rocket launcher*
I broke out!
I have such artistic technique! I break out of the school with footwork like Takumi! (referencing Takumi Obara, competes in the triathlon)
They're trying to artisticly shoot me down like Mark in the Sengawa Grand Prix!

Chidori: Ah, he left...

Sousuke: This is hopeless.

Lesson 02 (Leonard)

Kyouko: What if we have a gorgeous and genius teacher.

Chidori: Looks like he eventually got away. Anyway he was a troublesome teacher.

Ono-D: : phew. Really. I thought I was gonna die.

Kyouko: No, you were dead Ono-D.

*Bell rings*

Chidori: a~

Sousuke: It's already second period. Next is math, right?

*Teacher walks in*

Kyouko: Stand up. Bow. Take your seats.

Leonard: Hello, my cute pupils.

Girls: *scream*

Leonard: Are you doing well today too? (better translation: How are you doing today?)

Girls: Yes, Leonard Sensei.

Leonard: *small laugh* I'm glad. Well then, let's start our risque private lesson. Let's visciously enjoy it together. (viscous, sticky, etc. doesnt really work in english)

Girls: *scream*

Chidori: *Te* How is this a private lesson? (they're in the classroom)

Leonard: Oh my, it's Kaname Chidori. Are you jealous of my popularity?
But don't worry, you're my favorite.

Leonard: Because we already drenched each others mucous membranes together anyway.

{Yeah, this line was weird in japanese too. I don't know what to do about it.
anyway each other mucous membrane soaked/drenched touched inside(group) because
nanishiro, otagai no nenmaku to nenmaku wo shippori to sesshoku saseta naka nandakara ne}

Chidori: Please don't talk so disgustingly.

Leonard: Are you kidding? Despite being a little bit delighted.

Chidori: I'm not delighted at all! I mean go home! *harisen slap*

Leonard: Hmp, you're not very honest. You really just want me to be by your side, right? *laughs*

Sousuke: Is it alright if I shoot him? (shoot to death)

Chidori: Yes! (please do it)

Sousuke: Roger!


Leonard: Dodge.

Sousuke: un?!


Leonard: Dodge. Dodge.

Sousuke: un un?!

Kyouko: Amazing...he's dodging all of Sagara's shots.

Chidori: What madness!

Leonard: *stronger laugh* It's natural for a teacher to be able to do this much.
Well then, shall I take on this rebellious student?

*robotic noises*

Kyouko: Ah! A robot wearing an trench coat showed up, and is taking a fighting stance!

Leonard: Hmph, Plan 121 Alastor. The world's smallest Arm Slave.

Sousuke: rrr!

Alastor: (to Leonard) Your orders?

Leonard: Neutralize the opposition. Completely.

Alastor: Roger *mechanical noises*

Sousuke: Dodge.

Kyouko: Ah! Ono-D!

Ono-D: Huh? BLA *crunch, gasp, puke blargh*

Kyouko: Ah! The robot leapt on Ono-D and crushed him to death!

Sousuke: Fyuu, That was close.

Alastor: The designated target has been completely silenced.

Chidori: No, you have the wrong target.

Leonard: In any case, let's start class.

Chidori: So we're having class, in spite of this...

Leonard: *laugh* I was math, right. Well then, for now lets have someone solve this problem.
*writes on board, humming*

Kyouko: Wow! He's writing staggeringly hard formulas that I've never seen before!

Leonard: This is the Navier Stokes equation. Can you make this V equal zero, and sum it up using Euler's method? Then, Sagara, you try.

Sousuke: What, me?

Leonard: Come now, hurry up.

Sousuke: U...I don't know.

Leonard: Eeh, you can't even touch such an easy equation? You're even dumber than I thought. Now then, a different problem. Yes, this here, that there. *writes on board*

Leonard: Chidori

Chidori: Huh?

Leonard: Try solving this.

Chidori: plus one...that's 2.

Leonard: That's correct! How splendid! seikai! You've solved such a hard problem.
This is proof of your merit. You're a genius.

Chidori: Ha?...

Kyouko: What patronizing...

Leonard: By the way, I think there are only two types of young women in the world.
Those that are suited to school swimsuits, and those that are suited to maid outfits.
Going with that theory, you would be most suited for a shrine maiden outfit.

Chidori: Isn't that three types!

Leonard: *laugh* This one's got a relentless bite.

Chidori: Don't treat me like an animal!

Leonard: This is what I also like about you. You will probably look good in any uniform. *laugh*

Chidori: wouldn't happen to have...a uniform fetish?

Leonard: *laugh* No, not at all, but it is true for someone else inside the room.

Chidori: Someone inside?

Leonard: Incidentally, I heard that the person and the original author, are coincidentally graduates of this school. It's a small world, isn't it?
Also, even the teacher that shows up in Fumoffu has a real world model, a classic literature teacher, I heard.

Chidori: Uwaa, he's using insider talk.

Sousuke: This is considerably hopeless.

Annnnd, lastly! Some fancomics by the lovely colca


Phew. That was quite a bit of content there for once. Too bad hardly any of it was actually mine... >.> *can only claim translations/typesetting on colca comics*

Please, enjoy!!!
Tags: colca, comic mission, doujinshi, hiroshi ueda, manga, tsr radio show

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