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General FMP Update

It's been a long time since I've posted any news here. Sorry about that.

FMPAnother released a few months ago. We know, now, the two main characters are Tatsuya Ichinose and Adelina Aleksandrovna Kerenskaya. Just call her Lina... Mao is running a PMC (Private Military Company) called DOMS (Dana O'Shee Military Service), of which Lina is a member, and Tatsuya joins. Mao also has a ~10y/o daughter named Clara, who happens to be a talented sniper. Gee, I wonder where she got that from? XD Yes, Kurz is her father, but he's not really in the picture. He and Mao have gotten married and divorced a few times, and right now Kurz is off roaming somewhere.

Honestly, I've owned the book pretty much since release, and I still haven't sat down and read it. I'm really, really bad. I just haven't had the mind to do so. Really, I... I just kinda get bored while reading it, so I put it down, my bookmark gets lost, and then I forget where I am and start all over, continuing to be bored. Oops...

No news on Kaname, or Sousuke, or really anyone except Mao, that tidbit on Kurz, and, well, Ono-D of all people. Ono-D is Tatsuya's homeroom teacher at good ol' Jindai High. He teaches geography. He's married and has kids, though my understanding is they've never outright said who he's married to. If we go by how the original set of novels ended, it would be Kyouko, but situations change, so who knows...

I just received, today, the current and previous issues of Dragon Magazine and Newtype Ace. In the previous DM, I got the alternate cover for the new short story novel, Maji de Abunai Kyuushi ni Issho (of which I wrote up summaries for two of the stories within, and will post later down this entry). In the current issue, I got an awesome clearfile (clear folder) featuring Lina in a santa outfit.

The more interesting stuff came in the NA issues. Each have a chapter of the FMPAnother manga, drawn by Taichi You. I like his character designs, and at first glance, I really liked what I saw, but now that I take a closer look, well... They really could've done better. Backgrounds don't seem to be much of a strong point of his, they're practically non-existent, and while he does use different angles often, he doesn't quite seem to choose the right angles. The feeling is off. Well, I'll do my best to get scans in soon-ish. The magazines are massive (I measured them at 1.5 inches. I was curious. They're HUUUGE!) so getting good scans is going to be difficult. The current issue of NA also came with a Lina clearfile, this one of her in a seeming summer version of the DOMS uniform.

(On a side note, I also got a Kotetsu clearfile, a Barnaby clearfile, and a huge T&B poster *happyhappy* Wasn't expecting those goodies)

The second volume of Another comes out on December 20th. The prologue and some of the first chapter were in the recent issue of DM. Some pictures in that to scan, too. I'll be buying the 2nd volume of Another, and probably the next issue of NA, maybe the AS Chronicle, and after that, I'm, unfortunately, out of the game. I'll still follow the news as best I can, but I won't be picking up anything to get 1st hand info anymore. Gotta save my money for the kid I'm expecting in June. Only reason I'm being selfish right now and getting this stuff is holiday money.

At any rate, I'll do my best to get in scans and maybe translations of the manga. And I'll try to remember to post the news and updates I find here ^^; I didn't mean to forget, just been distracted and thought I had posted here.

For anyone on Tumblr, you can follow my FMP blog there, if so inclined.

Summaries are copy-pasted from other places I posted them. I also read these stories while sick, and the second one especially so, so I missed some chunks from being unable to concentrate. Haven't re-read them yet to pick up what I missed. Still lack of concentration, just other reasons ^^;

Kaname comes across a bunch of students with Airsoft weaponry. Sousuke is involved as well. When talking with them, Sousuke, explains to her how the gun works. Leaving to take care of something, while she holds onto the Airsoft pistol, one of the underclassmen she's talking with, Sasaki Hiromi (you'll recognize him from Fumoffu, the pretty-boy in the model club who flips out at the Ganguro girl in the dating episode), notices what it is she's holding on to.

"Hey. Isn't that Sagara-senpai's airsoft gun?"
"Huh? Oh, yeah..."

When Sousuke returns, Kaname assumes he had blown something up or attacked someone with a real gun believing it to be the Airsoft one. She grabs one of the Airsoft shotguns and blasts him with it. He is... significantly less than amused. This is far worse than any harisen smack. After some conversation with Hayashimizu, Sousuke and Kaname are left alone to speak. Having learned that Sousuke plans to take on 10+ people at once in an Airsoft game, their conversation goes relatively like this:

"10 classmates against just you? A little full of yourself, huh?"
"I can defeat them. I will set up landmines as traps, lure them into CQB" *blahblah, tactics and lots of kanji, blah ^^;*
"That's not the point! It's just a game, you can't do that kind of dangerous stuff! No one is supposed to actually get hurt!"
"Hm... I see."
"Hey! How about I join you? You and me against them? It sounds like it could be a lot of fun!!"
"Negative. You would just be baggage."
"Ba... what? But..."
"It's no use. You would only hold me back."
"That's not... Sousuke, it's just a game!"
"Are you angry with me...? But, you know, what was I supposed to think!? I heard all that noise...!"
"I am not angry. I just do not want for you to be on my team."
"...You really are angry, huh?"
"I have to go prepare." *walks away*

Kaname joins the others, and they elect her to be their team leader. She's rather confused by this, but they say they haven't managed to win against him yet, so maybe she'd be able to lead them to victory. They get her to agree by offering her tickets to a James Brown concert if they win. (Her taste in music really isn't what you'd think... XD) I do believe they regret it, though, when she really whips them into shape. "Running laps, then push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and then even more running" She has learned much from Sousuke. XD One of the guys gets angry when she orders them into more and more exercises, despite most of them being exhausted, and she mocks him while the others try telling him to be quiet. It doesn't go well for him at all, but as usual, somehow Kaname manages to command respect from these thugs.

Talking with Ihara and Sasaki, Kaname has a conversation that goes something like this:
"So, these are just toys, right?"
"That's right."
*accidentally shoots... Sasaki, I think*
"Hm. I thought it was just a toy."
"It is, but it's still dangerous!"
"I see. So you exchange fire with these things?"
"That's right."
"But it's not dangerous."

Meanwhile, Sousuke needs to arm up. Shinji brings him to a shop with Airsoft guns. The shopkeep is Kitano Kazumi. Hilarity ensues.
"I would like an airsoft gun."
"I see. Hm. How about this?"
"That is an M4A1."
"Uh... It's an airsoft gun."
"Negative. I said I want to buy an airsoft gun."
"....Okay. How about this?"
"That is a P90."
"It's an airsoft gun!"
"No. That is an assault rifle and a sub machine gun."
"They're airsoft guns!"
"Negative. This is an M4A1 carbine. It fires 5.56mm rounds, designation SS109 ammo..." *pulls out the charging handle, blinks in confusion* "...this is..."
"I told you, it's an airsoft gun!"
"Hm. A replica of the real thing... I never would have thought this was just a toy..."

and then, just a bit later on...

"So, these are just toys, right?"
"That's right."
"Hm. I wonder about the trigger stroke..."
"Hey, be careful with that, it's loaded!"
*accidentally shoots Shinji*
"Hm. I thought it was just a toy."
"It is, but it's still dangerous!"
"I see. So you exchange fire with these things?"
"That's right."
"But it's not dangerous."

Finally, the showdown occurs. Ihara and the other hardcore Airsoft guys on the team fawn over Kazumi. Turns out she's legendary, which would explain why Sousuke went to her on not only buying the guns, but also advice on the game itself. (Shocking, really, that he'd ask anyone for advice on something of the sort. Then again, he isn't allowed to use traps like he wanted, so I suppose SOME advice... Ahhh, I'm so torn about this!)
Sasaki is the first to go. Everyone falls until it's just Ihara and Kaname left. Ihara gets disarmed, and tackles Sousuke so Kaname can get the shot. Kaname begins having doubts
"Chidori-san! What are you waiting for!?"
-I can't do this. How could I?-
"What are you doing!?"
-No. This isn't right. Ihara isn't really my friend. Sousuke is... We've been through so much together. How can I be expected to take this shot? What could I really do without him?-
-Oh yeah. It's just an airsoft gun.- "I'm sorry!" *takes the shot*

Sousuke is depressed about losing, but everyone goes out to eat after the game. Kaname convinces Sousuke to eat more, and as he takes a bite of the meat, he perks up a bit and comments on how delicious it is. Kaname smiles happily and agrees, and all is well because he got to see her carefree smile again, and suddenly losing doesn't really matter so much. ^^

Kaname is bringing out the non-burnable trash for its pick-up that day. She was late waking up, had to completely rush, and she has only a few minutes to get to the train station. Someone brushes by, leaves the wrong trash behind, and as Kaname is heading off, one of the women whose apartment is right nearby yells out after her, saying she left the wrong trash. Kaname insists that the bag she's referring to isn't the one she threw out, but the woman refuses to listen, even as Kaname is telling her that she's going to be late for school. Kaname remains quite polite through it all, even though she's annoyed, and once she's at school and has the chance to rant, she shows just how aggravating it all was by going on about it. Sousuke surprises her by saying she probably misunderstood the lady. Wondering about it, she asks if he knows her. He confirms, saying that he jogs around the neighborhood every morning, and that he has come to know many of the people from being out and about when they are.

Ah, I should probably mention, Kaname spends pretty much this entire story feeling lonely. When she wakes up late that day, she notes how it's been a year and a half since she's been living alone, and she thinks about her mother quite a lot during these days. She makes dinner and calls Sousuke to invite him over, but he says he's already eaten. She acts all cheerful and says it's fine and she'll see him later, but she's all sad and forcing it while she sits down to watch TV with her dinner.

Later on, Wakana (the crazy police officer lady) shows up at Kaname's apartment, saying that she's investigating a lead and needs to speak with Kaname. (This is where I did a lot of fail. I have no idea WHAT Wakana is investigating.) Kaname refuses on grounds that it's late, and Wakana says she can always bust in with a SWAT team. Flustered, Kaname lets her in. When they're face-to-face (the conversation had been over an intercom) they have this brief, amusing conversation before getting to the topic:
"Huh. It's you. What are you doing here?"
".....This is my home. I... live here."
"What a coincidence."

Wakana immediately clears Kaname of any guilt, by virtue of the fact they know each other, and starts asking her questions about if she's seen anyone suspicious or anything of the like. This goes on for a bit with Kaname being confused and thinking of just how insane Wakana is, but promising to keep an eye out and all of that. Wakana leaves.

Kaname gets yelled at for throwing out the wrong trash by that lady again. She continues to be aggravated by it. She invites Sousuke over for dinner that night while at school so he agrees. They stop to pick up some stuff on the way home, and as they're walking in, the old lady is out and stops to talk to them. She asks what Kaname bought for dinner and comments that it isn't much. Kaname retorts that it's completely fine, balanced, and most importantly, cheap. The woman makes a comment, and tells her to be more careful (referring to the trash). Kaname tells her, again, that it wasn't hers, and the lady just waves her off, which annoys Kaname. Sousuke and Kaname go eat dinner, with Sousuke helping her to prepare it. Kaname is irritated that Sousuke keeps defending the lady. After he leaves, Kaname keeps wondering what her mother would think of Sousuke, what kind of conversations they would have, about him and in general, if she were still alive.

Some stuff happens, I get the impression that the lady was in some hard times, and I think she winds up crashing on Kaname's couch for a few days. (I could be very wrong about this, but that was what seemed to happen) The two seem to have much the same conversations "You need to be more careful." "I'm telling you it wasn't me." "Right, right, sure. Just be more careful." *RAGE* At one point, Kaname asks Sousuke for some help, he brushes her off saying he has errands. She gets miffed, considering she hardly ever asks him to do something for her, and the fact that he just gives her a cold "Hope it works out." and walks off, leaving her behind like that. She yells after him that he's heartless. When she's having a conversation with that lady later, the woman winds up having a talk with her about her past. It turns out before Kaname's family moved to New York the first time, they had lived in that same place. The woman remembered the little girl whose mother would call out every single morning "Kaname-chan! You forgot your backpack!" They moved away when Kaname was 9. Four years later they return, the mother sick, and the child who always forgot her back was more grown and mature, and even at the age of 13 was very much a beautiful woman.

So, with Kaname's mother dead, and her father and sister living in NY for the past 1.5 years, the woman thought to watch out after Kaname. After all of this comes out, and Kaname is rather stunned, the woman also tells her she should be nicer to her boyfriend. Kaname is a bit flustered (more about the 'be nicer to him' than the 'boyfriend' part, and she doesn't even deny it!), and comments about how Kaname had told him he didn't care the other day. She says it's not true, and that he actually cares about her quite a bit. This seems to hint that when Sousuke got to know the lady, she shared about Kaname, and so he knows that the lady just wants to look out after her, and is why he's comfortable with her and defends her to Kaname when she doesn't know what's going on. It's quite adorable, and getting more about what Kaname was like as a kid was a treat. (The image of widdle Kaname running off for school without her bag and her mom sticking out the door holding it and laughing is forever burned happily in my mind ^^)
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