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Full Metal Panic!

Translation Panic!

20 January
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  • fmp_misha@livejournal.com

This journal is for my fmp! translations, and for people to read them.

As far as I know, there are no groups claiming the short stories for translation, and I do not believe anyone has purchased the rights to them in the US, so I am translating for the fans. When the time comes (if the time comes) that the short stories are officially translated into English, I will delete this journal.

I will be beginning with the books "Side Arms - Ontei wa Kanashiku, Shatei wa Tooku," "Side Arms 2 - Kyokuhoku Kara no Koe," and "Anshin Dekinai Nanatsu Dougu," as those are the ones I have purchased first. When I am done, I will buy more books and do more translations, if these three do not prove to be too daunting a task.

My personal journal is misha__chan

Contact Info
AIM: OkitaToSaizo
MSN/WLM: crystal_okamino@hotmail.com
Gmail: michellespa@gmail.com
Twitter: kittymisha

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Image cleaning and typesetting on Kyokuhoku Kara no Koe-Sigma done by Inazagi!
Editing (as of the end of July '09, so as not to make people think my unedited stuff was just not edited well, 'cause she's wonderful ^_^) done by Miz~!
Translations done by me!